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About the Qatar Exchange
Established in 1995, the Doha Securities Market (DSM) officially started operations in 1997. Since then the exchange has grown to become one of the leading stock markets in the GCC region.
In June 2009, Qatar Holding, the strategic and direct investment arm of Qatar Investment Authority (QIA), and NYSE Euronext, the world’s leading exchange group, signed an agreement to form a major strategic partnership to establish the Exchange as a world-class market. The DSM was renamed the Qatar Exchange on the conclusion of the deal.
The primary aim of the Qatar Exchange is to support Qatar’s economy by providing a venue for capital raising for Qatari companies as part of their corporate strategy and giving investors a platform through which they can trade a variety of products in a transparent and efficient manner. The Qatar Exchange also provides the public with access to market information and ensures correct disclosure of information.
History of the Exchange

The start of first day of trading of securities in the Doha Securities Market (DSM).

Introduction of the Central Registration System.

Investors able to sell shares purchased on the day following the day of their purchase (T+1).

Implementation of companies’ linkage project through the internet. The first of its kind in the Gulf area at the time.

Start of the electronic trading project to replace the manual trading systems.

• Launch of DSM web site.
• Investors able to sell their purchased shares on the same day.
• Approval of a new market index to reflect changes in listed companies’ prices more reliably and accurately.

Moved into a new building to better serve the investment community.

Non-Qataris permitted to invest up to 25% of the shares offered for trading.

Integration of both the regular and irregular markets.

Became a member of World Federation of Exchanges (WFE).

Signed a strategic partnership agreement with NYSE Euronext to transform the Qatar Exchange into a world-class market.


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